HELP! RT-AC5300 CFE messed up and need original

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Hi all! I'm in desperate need of help. We're having major storms roll through the area right now and my GT-AC5300 got zapped by a lightning strike somehow and it fried the WAN port as well as LAN ports 1-6. 7 and 8 are oddly just fine. But we're without internet right now and I was gonna swap to my old RT-AC5300 for the time being so we have internet in the house and I completely forgot that I had tinkered around with the CFE of the RT-AC5300 awhile back and it messed up the WAN connection as well as the Wi-Fi. I need the original CFE so I can load it back into the device and fix those issues. Does anyone have a copy of or link to it?


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send your email and take a look and try to restore it, if possible

uploading someone else's dump is a bad idea, for each unit at the factory, transmitters are calibrated and someone else's dump usually does not match what is needed
Unfortunately, I bricked it shortly after the OP. I found the original CFE on my desktop from my router when I started making those changes but it was from back in 2015 before ASUS started encrypting CFEs but my AC5300 was updated to the latest firmware that encrypts the CFE. I applied the CFE and it was immediately dead. Refused to startup. Only option I have now is to pay $50 for a replacement through ASUS, unfortunately, and go without home internet til then.


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the GT 5300 version has always been with encrypted CFE
you may be confusing with an older model for example 68/88

I have a CFE from this model, but I use the factory programming capabilities to change the parameters
But the RT has not, which is what caused the issue and what this thread is about. My *RT* AC5300 is bricked because I made modifications to the CFE before ASUS pushed out firmware these past 2-3 years that encrypted them going forward. The RT's CFE was completely modifiable in the beginning and it worked like a gem until the newer firmware was pushed out. That newer firmware did not like my modified CFE and it broke many features in the GUI as well as hardware functionality, so I tried rolling back to the original CFE and now we're here.

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