Help with upgrade options from a Netgear R7800 X4S


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Hi everybody,

sorry for the dumb question but I need your help.

Right now I have a Netgear R7800 X4S that served me well over these years, but I’d like to upgrade especially if it’s possible with an upgrade to extend the signal range within my apartment (70 sq m) instead of adding an extender.

Can you advise me some models? I’d prefer to spend less then 150€ if possible, something like a good value one with “long term support”.

Is the chip shortage affecting router prices and availability as well making now not a good moment?

Thank you
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I would recommend sitting on the R7800 for a while...

You won't notice any better performance with the current crop of WiFi6/6e routers out there.

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I would simply add an AP to the router for the 2nd area with weak signal. Then again I'm using an NWA210AX and i covers 1300sq ft corner to corner. They fluctuate in price though but, generally lately they've been around $150.


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Current Order of Recommended Routers Late 2021

Any of the suggestions in the link above should show a marked improvement in your network.

A Repeater/extender will effectively halve your ISP speeds or worse (depending on the wireless environment in your area). Particularly when the network will be used concurrently from both the main router and the remote node too.

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