Unbound How to add local DNS entries when using unbound-manager

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I need to be able to add some local DNS entries. Purpose is so I can resolve some local addresses when local, vs public IP when remote. So, normally, I would put these into a dnsmasq addn host file. But it seems that ping or dig to any address in those (including the ASUS hosts.dnsmasq file) fail. How can I get local IP addresses resolve by unbound?


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Add lines to your /opt/share/unbound/configs/unbound.conf.add

local-zone: "site.domain.com." static
local-data: "site.domain.com. IN A"


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That works, however, you cannot add more than one local-data line as otherwise it says duplicates exist in unbound-manager. I think there is a bug there. Works fine outside of unbound-manager. A trick seems to be put all those local statements in a second conf file and only add an include for the file to unbound.conf file.

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