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How well does your AX86U Pro work for you

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Meh, took the 3 external antennas off my new ax86u pro and put it on the old ax86u to test and it works the same as the pro lol
Ive sent the pro back but swapped the antennas.
Will use the non pro till it dies
Hopefully by then Wi-Fi 7 is fully supported
Just want to ask those who have an ax86u pro what the performance is like for you and is there anything i need to know in terms of firmware quirks or any issues if there is any
No issues after a month. Experimented with stock Asus firmware, the beta Asus firmware (for Guest Network Pro/VLAN features) and Asus-Merlin firmware. Currently running the Asus-Merlin firmware without issue.

Unless there is wide spread issue or bug in the firmware reproducible across multiple routers, the quirks people come across quite often are typically due to their unique setup/configuration/network hardware or edge use case. So just setup and configure as you normally would for your use case and see if any issues present themselves.

In my use case the RT-AX86 Pro replaced an old RT-AC68U. Getting better WiFi range/speed along with general better router responsiveness (and feature use) due to the better hardware in the AX router.

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