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RT AX82U Firmware Does Not Update

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Hello, I've had issues with my AX82U for several weeks now. My internet drops every 5-10 minutes over ethernet and I've tried hard resetting my router/modem and reinstalled ethernet drivers on my computer. I've used the mobile app and the web browser to update the router firmware from to but it does not go through and reverts back to the old version. I've also tried using Firmware Restoration tool but that does not work either. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Firmware is the last one containing single image. Try updating to it first manually.


After this firmware the files contain two images for RT-AX82U and RT-AX82U V2. Perhaps this is the reason you can't update from
I tried updating to firmware manually but it did not go through either. Am I on the wrong version?
if it's stuck on the 384 code base I would start by uploading to the which is the last before the 386 jump, and then try the first version of the 386 ( Then try the jump to the 388. Eventually, try the latest 386 version available before going to 388. did not go through either :( also side note, I found that 3/4 ethernet ports on the back of the router does not work, could it be a wire/port issue?
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