Log for WAN changes?

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New Around Here
I've got a AC68U running a recent Merlin firmware. Recently my ISP's cable modem has been losing connection for a few mins and then coming back. The router recognizes that the Internet is offline and then when the modem recovers, gets an IP again and everything is good.

What I'm looking for is a log entry showing that the WAN connection went down and one for when it became established (again). I've got logging set to "debug" and "all" but I'm not finding a good log entry for this activity. Am I just missing it or is this not something that is logged? (If it isn't logged, then that'd be a good feature request.)


Jeffrey Young

Senior Member
Are you looking for events in the log that explain why the WAN disconnected/connected?

If you have custom scripts and configs turned on (administration->system), then each time an event happens on the WAN, the "wan-event" script should be called. The syslog will show when that script is called and what the parameters that are passed to it (interface and the event type). Look for that log entry, then look around it to see if there is anything else suspicious that might help you trouble shoot.

I personally use the wan-event script to email me when my WAN disconnects/reconnects to let me know what my new WAN IP is. I also use the script to signal my VPN server what WAN IP address to listen too.


New Around Here
Perfect, thanks. I'm on a FW revision shortly before wan-event was added (had some WiFi problems with newer FW so had to roll back but stopped using the Asus for WiFi so I can update the FW).

Does this event also get logged to syslog or do I need to do something like call `logger` in my script?


Jeffrey Young

Senior Member
Check out this wiki. More detail on the want-event script.

In previous versions, the script was called wan-start. As far as I can remember, anytime the wan-event script is triggered, a syslog entry is created.

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