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I have a question and don't know where to post it, so I am going to start here and based on the answer, maybe one of the moderators can move it - or I can delete this one and create a discussion in the appropriate forum.

Some items in the log directory, messages for example, starts as "messages" for a period of time or size...then the file is rolled over to messages-yyyymmdd and a new "messages" is created and finally a
messages-yyyymmdd.gz is created.

What process is managing this sequence of file management activities, and can you add other logs to be managed the same way?
logrotate is doing this. Scribe installs a daily chron job to run it.

You can see the default setup in /opt/etc/logrotate.conf, which is set to rotate each log weekly and keep 4 backlogs with the date as a suffix.

Scribe installs more specific things in /opt/etc/logrotate.d, starting with A00global, which overrides this to compress the backups (except the most recent), keeps a maximum of 4 and accelerates the weekly rotation if the log reaches 1mb. Then even more specific settings are created for each log file. Messages, for example is kept for 9 backups, runs daily as long as it is at least 1mb.

If you create your own log file within syslog-ng, you need to consider whether you need a specific rotation setup. If you have a lot of log files setup, and they are noisy, uiScribe will bog down.
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Thanks... I was certain I had seen the logs rolling over before I started using Scribe.

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