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Looking to add open vpn client

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I am looking to add an open vpn client to my ac1900p Merlin based router. Can anyone suggest a good provider I am located in the north east USA.
I am looking to add an open vpn client to my ac1900p Merlin based router. Can anyone suggest a good provider I am located in the north east USA.
If you are paying for a provider I would recommend Torguard.
Thanks for your help, I spoke with Torguard and they said I need a streaming IP address for Netflix, etc. I didn’t see that requirement on other providers sites . What are your thoughts on this?
Bobpow, We've use TG/s streaming IP for over a year and it's been great for us compared to others. It depends on your physical location, and the service(s) you want, as to which streaming IP you're assigned. Not often, but at times the two major streaming providers (not the VPN providers) tend to get irrational/cranky and once it a while can block an entire range of IPs belonging to users who haven't been streaming wisely, or using OPVN.

Best practices (for us anyway) is to always run your traffic over OpenVPN, and test to be sure that you're not leaking, which is a dead give-away that you aren't where they think you're supposed to be (Reams of material and many web sites give varying degrees of know how and or rumors about these matters). It's not that difficult to lock down your connection to be sure you're not leaking, and once you know for sure, you'll be glad you have the know how. TG has their own DNS solution for IP streaming, and they're good at it; nothing else compared to 'reliable, dependable' and TG has been both for us. Your Asus router and all devices running through it counts as one device if you're using OPVN. We use a second Openvpn tunnel from a 2nd provider as a fail-safe for all non -streaming traffic on our LAN. If one provider's tunnel drops, you can assign your device/computer to the other VPN provider (or to the same provider using a different server and geographical area), if one is somehow blocked or has technical difficulties.

We have a Roku, Apple, 4K TV, etc; not all in use at the same time, with sufficient bandwidth over TG that we don't have to worry about OPVN overhead. Apple TV's 4K quality really knocks the socks off of the Roku. We use the streaming IP only for video streaming, even though there's no reason why you can't can't use it for other purposes; you pay for the streaming IP, but if you're not streaming you can use a different server.

Other members have used Torguard with good results, perhaps you want to search the forum to look at what Xentrx says about TG. Some VPN review sites claim to give you a better deal than subscribing directly with the provider; be careful where you put your credit card. $59 for 12 months is a good deal, if you can ask for it. It can be dicey to stream us content from elsewhere, and seems to be easier to stream anything from anywhere if you're viewing your streams with a good video card through a dedicated browser. Many believe that their VPN provider is better, not all are the same. We recommend TG because that's what's worked best for us. The streaming services don't care for VPNs because of licensing issues, but so far, there is no law in the states that says you can't stream the content you've paid for, via VPN. Check to be sure you don't run afoul of any law where you are. Just my 2 cents worth, so view, be happy. Hope this helps and Good luck.
Thank you for the very comprehensive answer, I am in the process of reading many pages here and elsewhere regarding vpn issues with streaming with netflix and amazon. I live in the usa and really don't stream from overseas locations so I am in no violation of any laws,etc. I am more concerned about having a happy network. Again thanks for your experience and knowledge in this area.

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