Need help - Can't SSH into router - acces denied


New Around Here
Hi all, thank you for reading.

I have a Asus RT-AC5300 with Asuswrt-Merlin, firmware version 386.3.2
I want to use Diversion add blocker on my router, and i need an ssh connection to it in order to run the scripts

I have JFFS custom scripts and configs enabled.
Under the Administration, system tab, i have SSH enabled .


I have used WINSCP and Putty to set up a SSH connection but i keep getting acces denied when setting up a connection.
I am 100% positive i am using the correct username and password.

Did some googling but cannot find anything specific other then changing the username to ROOT.

I also rebooted my router after enabling the settings just to be sure.

Anyone have any suggestions why i am not able to acces my router using SSH?

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