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Not getting full speed with Asus AX11000

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Hi There.

I have 1G internet and im not getting the full speed on my AX11000. Im getting half and some days 700.

Im running a CAT 6A cable from the basement to my Master bedroom and then to the switch where i have 2.5G asus mesh everywhere but if the master cant get 1G im sure the others wont.

The funny thing is that if i connect an ethernet cable to the modem i dont have problems to get the full speed, i tried to change the cable from 6 to 6a but that didnt help, i thought that maybe i screwed the past cable but nope.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Yes, i do have a cable tester cheap but tester and it says that everything is fine.
Need more information.

What are your actual ISP speeds (up/down)? How have you connected everything? Be specific. More details are better than less.

What size is the area you're covering? What type of construction are the walls/floors? How far are you from the router and with what device(s) are you testing with? Wired, or wireless testing?

What firmware are you running on the router?

What have you tried on the router to improve things (i.e. have you been toggling options on/off past their defaults)?

What additional information can you provide about your (complete) network?
My actual ISP is Mexican so I don’t think you’ll find much info about it. It’s called Totalplay. I have 1g down 200mb down.

The main node and the satellites are connected by Ethernet. I have 6 of them all around the house, all of them ASUS.

I’m doing the tests on a new Apple TV hardwired to the brain that is an AX11000. The gamer router.

Someone who works at the ISP told me that the ONT only guarantees the speed 5 meters. I don’t know if I should believe him because it’s cable. Don’t see the reason why should only be 5 meters.

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