Pair of Asus Rt-ax88u, 1 in bridge mode


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Hi, I have setup a new rt-ax88u as a wireless bridge to my existing rt-ax88u running as the main router. Both units are running the latest firmware. I am connecting using 5ghz band. The connection speed shows as great. I am testing the units in the same room together. My broadband connection is 500mbps. When I run a test from the router I get 500mb Internet all the time. From the wireless bridge the max throughout speed i can get is about 200mb. I have also tried transferring just files across the Lan and get similar speeds. I have tried 40mhz, 80mhz and 160mhz and get the same speed. I have checked my local area for different channels and there is no interference. The wireless bridge shows a connection speed of 3600mbps but the throughput is still slow. I previously used a rt-ac88u as a bridge and got 500mbps throughput with a connection speed of only 1000mbps. Any ideas please?

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