Router AC88U and iMesh Asus AX92 ftp forwarding problem


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Hi Guys
I have 2 routers - main RT88U with HDD connected and iMesh AX92U also with HDD connected.
I am trying to access iMesh router HDD. I set port forwarding as should be and getting error as below:

"your usb ftp server is unavailable due to a port conflict between your usb ftp server and lan ftp server. if you want to use a lan ftp server and usb ftp server simultaneously, you must ensure that each server has a unique external port (default usb ftp server port is 21). please change your lan ftp server's external port."

How can access to HDD connected to iMesh node via FTP using port forwarding?
Thank you for any advice

Both routers have original ASUS sofware


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I add that I am able to connect to HDD on main RT88U via ftp, issue is happening when I am doing port forwarding to imesh router - choose port 21 because I think on that port should work ftp


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Disable the FTP server on the RT-AC88U to remove the conflict.


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Guys - nothing helped - I switched USB drives and set only FTP on main router in imesh

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