Router connected to 802.1x network doesn't assign IPs to some devices


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  • Using a switch and MAC duping i managed to connect my router (TL-WR4841N v9) to the 802.1x network in my dorms.
  • After a factory reset to the router, all devices could connect to the router (without any internet connection obviously).
  • I set up a static IP (laptop's IP when it was connected to the 802.1x network) and the same MAC address as the laptop's ethernet network card.
  • The laptop authenticates to the network and can be removed from the switch because the router takes over the connection.
  • At this point all laptops are able to connect to the router and have a stable connection.
  • But none of the phones i have tried are able to connect to the router.
  • As far as i am concerned, they are not able to have an IP assigned by the router. To my knowledge there shouldn't be any difference between a phone and a laptop but maybe i am missing something...
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