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RT-AC68W Firmware Upgrade download site link doesn't work

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New Around Here
I've noticed a small bug in the user interface for downloading firmware upgrades on the RT-AC68W (which is the white version of the U).

Navigating to Administration -> Firmware Upgrade -> Check Update: check -> click new version -> Visit download site takes me to: https://fwupdate.asuswrt-merlin.net/RT-AC68W which doesn't exist.

Can this be modified to point to /RT-AC68U instead?


Welcome to the forums @stingray751.

Which specific firmware version are you running currently?
Thanks! Ah, that is a very good point. It's 385.5_2 - so very old. I should have upgraded before posting here, apologies!

Be sure you are prepared to fully reset the router after updating to the latest firmware.

Do not use an old config file after flashing the new firmware and resetting to factory defaults. Perform a minimal and manual configuration to secure the router and connect to your ISP instead.
Can this be modified to point to /RT-AC68U instead?

"Note: the U, R and W variants are all supported, as they are the exact same hardware and firmware, only different marketing SKUs or different case color."

Use RT-AC68U firmware.

You can upgrade from 386.5_2, reset the router after, configure manually.

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