RT-AX86U & Node Name (netbios) scanner

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Installed a AX86U-router at home, using a DHCP server with Mac-address assignments. Do have some problems to work on, unfortunately, but one in particular: scanning from a Brother MFC-L3 machine to a notebook.

I have managed to get it working. But with every page scanned, the scanner shows a message that it has communicating problems (referencing the firewall). The message disappears after some time and the scan works fine.

Somehow the scanner seems to have difficulties to find / to communicate with the notebook. Brother works with a Node Name (Netbios) to establish the communication between scanner and notebook.

I was wondering if I could add something in the router to make the node name known to the router, in order to speed things up ?

Kind regards,


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The only thing on the router that might have an effect on NetBIOS is enabling the Samba server at USB Application > Servers Center > Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk.

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