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RT-AX88U Merlin acting very weird the last two weeks

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New Around Here
Good day. I have an RT-AX88U
I installed 388.1 back in December? and the router was running solid for quite some time. I don't know the specific times, but it feels around a week and a half ago, I have had multiple problems.
Wifi would not connect - or wifi would connect but could only reach gateway, could got get out
Ethernet would only get DHCP but would not get out for multiple minutes - even after rebooting
I thought I would ask before I get a replacement, or go ASUSWRT. I really enjoy Merlin.
I've tried unplugging every hardwire from my router and do one at a time
I did a factory reset - wiped JFFS - went to 386.8 - MOST of the problems went away. Before January, once the router was up and showed Connected, connections would work. Now it may take x minutes for it to. ping/traceroute from router screen is fine. I also get ethernet/DHCP reports "IP address already taken". I've done a couple electrical resets (Unplug power cord for a few minutes). That seems for those to resolve, but them I'm back at eventually (Today it was about four hours) every up connection seems okay, but I cannot connect new connections. I show 28 at this time - it's peaked at 30. Is this too many for this router? I have bought two more wifi devices recently. I can connect thru my 2.4GHz extender at this moment, get a DHCP IP address, but not directly with wifi thru the router.
I started turning on syslog to notice to see if it would give me any information, haven't had any luck there.
I thought it might've been a bad/wet cable in my crawl space, but I unplugged everything ethernet, that did not help.

Do you have any other ideas to try/check?

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