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Slow access point

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I have 2 RT-AC68Us with the second setup as an access point to cover more distance. Whenever I connect wirelessly to the AP, the speed is no more than 3Mbps (both bands) in fits and spurts (40-50 is normal). Always full speed on the main router.

Both are on the same subnet using channels 1 and 11, QoS is off, no relevant errors in either's logs.
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Possibly notable, when the speed test begins the rate climbs rapidly like all is well, then in a couple of seconds it drops in an orderly fashion to 3Mbps or below as though I'm being throttled.
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Most perplexing : -(

Router gives you 40-50 Mbps but, just out of curiosity, what is your paid subscription for?

What are you using for SSIDs? Is it one for everything? One for router and different for AP? One for both radios or different for each radio? What I'm poking at is if your remote device is connecting to your main router rather than the AP from too far a distance?

Or that you really really set it up as wired AP and didn't click "repeater" by mistake : -)

(Ping time looks suspicious?)
I have a cellular service (rural) so the bandwidth and ping time varies by line of site, antenna(s), etc. Ping time was about 80, but for some reason almost doubled when I got a static IP. I previously had a Netgear as the AP and it did the same. I've tried different SSIDs, using same now. If I stand near the AP and toggle wifi it will choose it, as the main has a very low signal there. It would not be unlike me to pick the wrong mode, but I'm confident I nailed it this time :)

I thought I had eliminated interference as an issue when I moved the unit across the room as step one, but moving it to the other side of the house is the answer.

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