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So I have been reading on here I have tried what I could find and nothing has helped. My issue is my internet provider upped my speeds to 1.2 gb. I have a net gear cm1000 that I am getting 950 out of directly wired. But when I hook it up to my ASUS rt-ac86u router I’m lucky if I get 300 whether wired or wireless. Done a factory reset and changed bandwidth channel. Air protection is off dos is off. Nothing seems to be helping any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Try the basics first to the letter:

  1. If there are, disconnect all USB devices.
  2. Install the latest available firmware version.
  3. Reset to factory defaults.
  4. Do not load an old configuration backup file.
  5. Manual configure the router with the bare minimum, as:
    • Router Login Name.
    • Router Login Password.
    • WAN Connection Type, and what is required to connect to the Internet.
    • Wireless SSID's and WPA Pre-Shared Key's.
  6. Leave everything else default.
  7. Test the router behavior:
    1. Test with a wired connection first.
    2. Test with a wireless connection.
  8. After the above works all well you can consider more manual router configuration changes.

Notes to the above guideline:
  • Restoring a configuration backup might bring back old issues, that is why the manual configuration is advised.
  • While making configuration changes: write them down so you do have a list of changes you made from factory defaults.
  • Whenever you restore a configuration backup: only restore the backup to exactly the same firmware branch and version as it was made with.


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It is on the most up to date firmware. I did a factory reset and set up the bare minimum. I didn’t reload from a back up. I tested my laptop straight off it after factory reset it got better but Wi-Fi is still about 200. There are no usb devices hooked to it.


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What is the firmware version?

Check the Ethernet Port status of the router, on the Network Map page > System Status > Status, scroll down to see at what speed the wired connections are made (shall in your case indicate 1 Gbps for WAN and if your laptop is wired also 1 Gbps for the LAN port).

At the System Log page > Wireless Log, check the Tx rate and Rx rate for the wireless connection to your laptop.


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Version 48260
Wan 1gb
Lan 1 1gb
Lan2 100 mb
Lan 3 1 gb
Lan 4 1gb
Tx lowest is 7.5 m Rx lowest 6.5
Tx highest 130m rx highest 115 m


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You have changed something that affects WAN-LAN traffic. This router can do Gigabit wired easily and >500Mbps on wireless.
I did a complete factory reset and the only thing I set up was the wireless said and password


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And your wired speed is still capped at around 300Mbps? Must be 940Mbps 1:1 with your Netgear.


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I did a complete factory reset and the only thing I set up was the wireless said and password
After factory reset the devices on my network that can handle the 1gb speed is getting it hardwired but my wireless is staying around 300


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Many factors affect wireless speeds. Set the router this way, skip what doesn't apply to AC86U:

Make sure you test with 2-stream AC client and about 10ft from the router. You can get about 500Mbps or more in a good day.

In general - you have to find your best settings. Everyone's Wi-Fi environment is different. Above - fail-safe settings for compatibility.
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