SOLVED - RT-AC86U (386.4) can connect to wirelessly but no internet


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Hi, I have a RT-AC86U with the Asus Merlin firmware 386.4 but after changing some DNS options I suddenly can't get internet to work with a wireless connection. I've tried to undo my changes but it was to no avail. Using different devices I'm able to connect to the wifi network, I can also connect to the WebUI wirelessly but there is no internet connection. I can perfectly connect to a wired connection so I'm a bit stumped what the cause can be. I did notice that in the Wireless Statistics the current available capacity is at 0%, and I thought I remembered it being non-zero in the past but I'm unsure. I'm confident it's some setting I've changed but I didn't manage to figure it out as of yet so any help is appreciated..

Solved - It was indeed a DNS issue.
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