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Switching between AiMesh nodes takes 39 seconds

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New Around Here
I have three Asus RT-AC66U B1 routers with the latest firmware setup with AiMesh.


One is the main router and the other two "should be" setup in bridge mode. There are no switches between the main router and the nodes and they are setup with ethernet backhaul. I have enabled both 2,4 and 5 GHz, automatic channel selection and all ssid's and passwords are the same.

I made this javascript code that every 300ms fetches some data from dummyjson.com and displays the time it took to fetch the data.

jsfiddle code

When I run this on my laptop or phone and walk around in the house, I see that data is returned in about 200ms.

When my laptop is switching from one access point to another I see a delay of about 2 seconds, e.g. the request to dummyjson takes 2,2 seconds.

When I do the same with my iPhone 13 pro I constantly see the request taking 39xxx ms.

Is traffic somewhere being router wrong and it takes 39 seconds for it to timeout before being rerouted to the correct place?
With a Samsung A32 phone running Chrome, when it switches access point, the next http request will never finish.

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