Tp-Link router AC2300 issue USB sharing -Replacement?

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My Asus 87u router crapped out. Second Asus router I've had, kind of got fed up with Asus and paying $$$ for stuff that only lasted 2-3 years. I have a large home and the Asus did not reach all areas well had to use a repeater to get to some areas. Did a fair amount of research and read a number of articles saying the TP-Link AC2300 pumps out lots of signal, and it does. Covers my home very well with no add on stuff. Great.

One of a number of issues I've had with the previous Asus router was file sharing. I have a 4T USB drive with files, music, TV show and Movies on it. When the USB 3 port on the Asus was working I had no issue feeding my media players, UHD BD player, ect with content. Unfortunately the USB 3 port quit working a while ago and had to attach the USB drive to my computer so my various players no longer saw the drive. Then I kept getting "Internet unavailable" on various wi-fi devices while I had a strong network connection so the Asus went in the junk where it belonged.

Been happy with TP-link but having issues with file sharing. Only 1 or 2 folders show up on my various devices, and from the research I've done it's known issue- for some time. I've had the TP -Link for a few weeks and if I'm going to return it it has to be soon. I paid $125 for it so looking for suggestions for something that pumps out a LOT of signal and does not have USB sharing issues. Willing to spend a bit more, will not spend $225 as I did for the Asus. Ideas?
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