Unable to connect to router or ftp services once i start my VPN client

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Adam Popiel

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Hello guys,

I set up my DDNS,I enable WAN access, I enable FTP share, I enable AI Cloud and everything works fine until i turn on the VPN client. Once the VPN is enabled and connected, my Asus router app status says "unable to connect". When i try to go into my AI cloud app i see the device is showing as offline. When i try to ftp into my router it fails, and also when i try the https://myrouter.ddns.net it fails to connect. As soon as i turn off my VPN client, everything works fine. I know this used to work before perfectly, so my question is, has anyone experienced this recently?

If i can't get into my router once the VPN client is running, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the VPN..

Pictures attached.



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Why are you enabling WAN access?

Are these tests done within your network or outside? Are you using your phone to test? When you're connected via LTE do you have access?

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