VPN keeps going down Public Address:Unknown on client status panel


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I keep having this problem where my VPN connections go down and I get an unknown public address on the VPN status panel. Restarting the client always fixes this.

Does anyone know a way to auto-reboot the client when the destination IP is unknown, or maybe a setting in OpenVPN that makes it auto renegotiate?


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"destination IP is unknown" is a symptom of the problem, not the cause. You can change the "Connection Retry attempts" in the VPN client's settings. That may help. Otherwise look in the router's System Log and it should tell you why the connection is failing.


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Thank you. I could not see anything that looked interesting in the logs, so I set the log level to 6 for both the VPNs that are causing me issues. I've also made retry infinite in both client settings.


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We need more information regarding why these connections are failing.

I do know from personal experience that some of the "budget" VPN providers (FastestVPN, KeepSolid, etc.) are known to purposely kill running connections from time to time w/ an AUTH_FAILED message in the syslog. AFAICT, this is a crude means to manage their servers when they become overloaded or need to be taken down for maintenance. Since this is considered a fatal error, it means the OpenVPN process itself is killed off. You need a watchdog process to monitor for such events to get things restarted.

Regardless if this specifically matches your own situation, it's just a good idea to have a watchdog running at all times imo.

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