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What to do with RT-AC66U?

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New Around Here
Hi everyone,
I've recently acquired a second hand ac66u. As far as I can tell it's not the _b1 version (2usb2 ports, no usb3 and no indication on any model number).
It's been recommended to me to flash the merlin firmware, but I've read that the most recent one is not supporting my model.

The current asus firmware installed is:

What would be my best option?
-flash the most recent merlin firmware that still supports my model
-flash the 'john fork'
-stay on the asus firmware (the least desired)
-another option I don't yet know about

depends what you want to do with it.
In router mode I would take Johns fork if you need Merlin features, for everything else stock will be fine.
In AP or repeater mode I dont think that there are huge security issues and any not too old working stable firmware will do.
It would be run in router mode, as I already have an access point (zebra ap7522) which is working fine and as intended.

Thanks for your answer, I will read up on johns fork!

I'm particularly interested in the openvpn and add-on adblocker functionalities of the merlin features, I'm hoping to kill the countless youtube ads before videos (on my phone).

Flashed it, everything went fine!
-put router in recovery mode (turn router off, press reset button for 5 seconds, turn router on while still pressing the button, if power led flashes slowly, let reset button go)
-connect laptop via ethernet to router and configure static ip
-upload new firmware via asus recovery tool (to be found on asus router model support page under drivers/tools)
-wait (took ca. 5 minutes total)
-factory reset via webgui
-configure system

Now on to read how the openvpn/adblock stuff works.

Thanks again, and to everyone providing information on this forum.
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you cant block youtube adds as they are within youtube and not external IPs.
Yes, I've read that aswell.
It's too bad, but I get it, they want all the moneyz (either by ad revenue or premium accounts).

I will sit down with it in the weekend and read up on the existing possibilities (skynet, diversion etc.) and set up the openvpn account.
Thanks again!
Now on to read how the openvpn/adblock stuff works.

Better use this router as a router only. It's still a good router, but nothing else. The CPU has not enough processing power to run OpenVPN well. You can get about 10Mbps VPN speed and only if nothing else is running at the same time. For ad-blocking better use per-device solutions. Adblock Plus is more effective and easier to manage, for example.

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