Wifi 6 supported in TVs/BlueRay players etc?


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I am getting ready to finally bite the bullet and get a smart tv Samsung Q90?, and new bluray player as they are 10 years old.
Since many streaming companies are offering up to 4k, do these TVs and players use AX wifi? Or are they still AC hardware.
I am going to get a new router, up from my Archer C7 too.
Modem is a MR 6183, probably not up to snuff for many potential AX speeds.


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AFAIK even the latest and greatest smart TVs still use wifi 5 (802.11ac) and this is more than capable of giving you 4K streaming wirelessly, provided your internet connection speeds are fast enough and wifi signal is suitable. However you can 'upgrade' your TV/device to wifi 6 by using a wifi 6 router/AP and putting into 'wireless bridge' mode (Netgear terminology) or 'Media bridge' mode (Asus terminology) and then connecting your TV to the router/AP by ethernet. I've done this upgrade but to save money, I bought an Asus Blue Cave router (4x4 wifi 5) for $80 and using it in 'media bridge' mode.


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4K compressed stream is about 40Mbps or less. A client with 1x1 AC can do >200Mbps. AX is only extra cost for the manufacturers.

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