Wifi devices connected but not really connected

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Pergola Fabio

Regular Contributor
i have a quite new system , rt-ac88u mainrouter , and 2 aimesh nodes rt-ac86u
all setup with merlin firmware 3862

today i noticed i wasnt able to contact the devices anymore, i was able to ping them, but accessing services was not possible anymore, they were connected to the rt-ac88u , with a binding option, since they are quite close to it

so i have smart devices like an logitech harmony hub, smappee control monitor, roborock cleaner, ... those devices were connected, i was able to ping them, but was not able to control them
i rebooted the main router, they all reconnected , and i was back in business?

what could be the cause of this? already disabled settings like Mimo / beamforming / airtime fairness
the devices conneced to 5gh, were working
the devices connected to the other nodes 2.4 and 5 were also working

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