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AX86U 388.5 - 2.4GHz devices connected but not reachable

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after reboot 2.4GHz devices (mainly ESP32) connect to the router and are reachable.

after some time - devices are still connected to the router (router list them in the logs) but they are not reachable and the esp devices also complain (blinking led). reboot of router solves the problem for a while.

esp32 devices are in use since years and never had problems.

trying to avoid hard reset due to all the settings ...
We posted at the same time : maybe your problem is the same than mine !
yeah - and I just found this one:

so it seems to be a common problem ...
Did you have the same issue in 388.4 firmware? Revert to 388.4 with no reset ant try again.

What was your solution?
Nothing as of yet, all things considered I feel it's a firmware bug. Keeping an eye on it and rebooting it.

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