WiFi issues with 386.7_2


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So I updated my RT-AX86U to the latest 396.7_2 & now my amazon fire stick won’t connect.

It was connecting fine on the 5ghz band. With WiFi 6 mode enabled, enable 160 mhz, & auto select channel including DFS channels. Now it won’t. I have to turn all of those settings off for the fire stick to connect to the 5ghz band. If those settings are on, the fire stick will see the network & connect for a second. Then disconnects & refuses to see the network again, till I turn 5 ghz off & back on.

it was working fine on 383.5. My question is what changed? Why do I now have to turn those settings off for my fire stick to connect. Only seems to be my fire stick also. My phone & Xbox will connect with wifi 6 enabled.


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Do a subforum search, if you haven't already, for "160mhz" and you'll find a number of past discussions where people are having trouble with 160 Mhz. There is also some discussion on 160 Mhz issues in the big 386.7 thread:
Also do a search, if you haven't already, for "RT-AX86U wifi" and you'll get even more hits with people having wifi issues.

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