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I have a 10Gbit FTTH connection along with a 10Gbit LAN at home (all wired with CAT 7) however I have my ONT connected directly to my ClearOS Linux based firewall.gateway/router/server with the appropriate adapters however that leaves me without WiFi for my iPod and laptop.

Does anyone have a decent WiFi access point for sale OR a PCI-E WiFi 802.11ac adapter card with at least 2 removable SMA antennas on it for sale? I can use my own yagi antennas for what I am doing. I will be using 5GHz only.


Tim Dickerson, CEM


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Any interest in an EnGenius AWS357AP or AWS377AP? Both are WiFi 6AP's and you con configure them directly for use on an existing network, without the need for a dedicated controller.
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