Xbox Live issues after installing RT-AX88U_386.1_beta5

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I installed RT-AX88U_386.1_beta5 a day or so after it was made available and everything was fine except Xbox Live. Prior to the update I had version RT-AX88U_386.1_beta3 installed on my main router and had all appropriate port forwarding configurations and playing to my heart's content (and laziness, I suppose). In particular, I found that my Series X kept switching between Open NAT (which is preferred) to Moderate. It didn't matter if I put my Series X in the DMZ (otherwise, DMZ is not on and not my preferred method of configuring my network for my Xbox) or if I configured a different alternate port.

After spending a bunch of time troubleshooting my firewall, configuring different ports on my Xbox/port forwarding according to the new ports, I thought to myself, "try 386.1_beta3" and instantly my issues were gone! I'm not sure what else I could have checked on the router's end, such as logs, but I'd be happy to do so if it helps to understand the cause.

I'm fine with 386.1_beta3 but curious to know if anyone else experienced similar issues.

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I hope you're running on the 386.1_0 release final by now. :)


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I had issues with the AX88U giving me moderate NAT on Warzone, despite my settings on the Xbox saying NAT was open.

Changed the NAT type from symmetrical to full cone and this resolved the issue. Changed to a AX86U and haven’t had this problem when using the symmetrical NAT option.

never could quite put my finger on the problem. I found port forwarding did also resolve the issue but occasionally, it would rear its head again. I suspect there was an issue with upnp on the firmware (384.19). Haven’t tried testing it since putting the ax88u on 386 beta3, but it’s not connected up at the moment.

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