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XT12 + RP-AX58 band usage question

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Hi guys,

my question is not really a problem, it's more like one of those "I don't really get it" kind of things that I would like to understand... ;)

I have a pair of XT12 with one being my main router and the other one being a wired AIMesh node. Recently I added a RP-AX58 as another AIMesh node in the outside area to improve WiFi coverage for some devices outside. Works perfectly fine and improved coverage as expected. This node is connected wireless as it is not feasable to install a LAN cable to the place where it has to be located.

However, there is one thing I don't really get. I have configured 5GHz-2 band as dedicated backhaul and was expecting that the RP-AX58 would then use this band. But it doesn't. When I look up Wireless Protocol section, I can see that 5GHz-2 is enabled and uses the usual "..._dwb" SSID, but there is no device connected to it. The RP-AX58 is connected to 5GHz-1 band all the time.

Is this because RP-AX58 is a Dualband and not a Triband device and therefore can connect to 5GHz-1 only? If this is the case (and I think it is), I have one or two subsequent questions, but I will wait for confirmation first. ;)

If you use an RP-AX58U as an AImesh node it will use the 5 GHz band for backhaul as well as for client connections. The available wifi speed will be half of what you will get if you use it with an ethernet cable as backhaul.
Is this because RP-AX58 is a Dualband and not a Triband device and therefore can connect to 5GHz-1 only?

Most likely because PR-AX58 being dual-band has to share the 5GHz backhaul with clients. Your dedicated 5GHz backhaul between XT2 doesn't allow clients.
To be fair, a dedicated backhaul radio /can/ also host clients if desired, and in this case the XT12s are wired together so that's moot.

I'll guess that the 58 doesn't "know" what 5-1 and 5-2 means so grabs the first (sorted?) "5*" it sees.
I missed the wired part. In this case XT12 set has to offer all available bands to clients. In theory, unless Asus decided otherwise.
He's running with the 5-2 *dwb SSID, which I wouldn't do, so I'm guessing either it's not being used by clients, or maybe a select few stationary. Until I hear otherwise I'm going with what I surmised earlier.

I'd put all XT12 radios the same visible SSID (though likely not Smart Connect) and let the clients decide. At least to start. Let the wireless node pick whatever it likes for feed and call it good. This stuff is sometimes fun, but ultimately life's too short in general.
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