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ZenWiFi AX (XT8) LAN ports disconnection

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The Lorax

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One of my XT8 routers in Ai Mesh to RT-AX88U connected by ethernet backhaul downgraded LAN port connections from 1G to 100 Mbps after 10 months. Then a couple weeks ago, all the ports disconnected. All firmware is current and up to date but now the router only works by WiFi (2.4g and 5g). Is this a known issue with the XT8? Can I swap it with the other XT8 which has no ethernet devices or is the issue multiplied? [In Mesh: one XT8 backhaul ethernet to main and one wireless backhaul on dedicated 5g band.] The ethernet connected one dropped all LAN ports spontaneously.
Yes, you can swap your nodes without any issues other than changing the name of the node (if you named them - some don't). Once their positions are swapped, the "new" node should automatically recognize the ethernet backhaul and prioritize accordingly.

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