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RT-AC66U with RT-N66U PSU & Antennae

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I currently have an ASUS RT-N66U which I used as a switch & access point combo with wired backhaul. It recently died but the PSU is confirmed still working.

I am looking for a replacement and I have seen an ASUS RT-AC66U going cheaply because it does not have a PSU or antennae. Does anyone here know if I can use my antennae and PSU from my N66U on a AC66U?

Both have the same antennas and power supply. I would look for used RT-AC68U instead though. I've seen some very cheap around my place.

If you go for this used RT-AC66U make sure it's the older MIPS model and not the newer RT-AC66U B1 with broken off non-removable antennas.
check the dc voltage output and the amps for each. if the match, no issue. if the voltage matches and the current produced exceeds, no issue. anything else, no go.

antennas, should not be much of an issue.
I had both in my collection and they used exactly the same antennas, 19V power supplies and power jacks.
Thanks for all the replies, I have gone ahead an ordered it.

I would look for used RT-AC68U instead though.
The 68U models were triple the price of the 66U models (there were none that were missing antennae/PSU). However, out of interest, what would I have gained?
However, out of interest, what would I have gained?

Much faster dual-core CPU, still supported by Asus model, better Wi-Fi range, smaller footprint. Not sure what your market situation is, but RT-AC68U around here can be found for about $25-40 in good condition. This perhaps the most popular and reliable Asus model ever made.

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