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  1. M

    AC88U CPU Load Maxed Out

    Looks like this is rearing it's ugly head again... just had a CPU spike on an AC88U running 386.12. Was not able to get to SSH and 'top' quick enough before the spike disappeared. I'm in now and all seems normal. I'm running multiple devices on 2.4 and 5G and earlier today, my 5G dropped to...
  2. M

    Has my VPN been compromised? "ovpn-server: Connection reset, restarting [-1]"

    I have a AC88U running an OPVN server for when I am away. Sometimes I forget to turn this off when I am home and early this morning starting at 4:30 EST, I got a hit from an IP located in Ukraine or Russia. What I cannot see is if they successfully connected or if they were just trying to...
  3. K

    Asus RT-AC88U Keeps Losing Wireless

    Within the last two weeks, the wireless radio in my Asus RT-AC88U intermittently stops working. The equipment connected via ethernet to the router still have the internet, but the wireless signal is no longer there. A reboot of the router restores the wireless. The past two days I have had to...
  4. L

    [ISSUE] RT-AC88U Merlin 386.7_2

    Hi, I've just got a new router which is the AC88U. The first thing I did was to upgrade it to Merlin. Since that day every time I reload the router, I completely lose internet connectivity but only from the LAN. The router can still ping and DNS the outside. The only solution so far is to...
  5. S

    arp problem between wifi devices on RT-AC88u

    Hello, Sorry if this subject has already been discussed but I did not find an answer to my question, I have an RT-AC88U, and I have big problems of communication between wifi devices. It seems that it is a problem of propagation of ARP request between wifi equipments via the AC88U. Indeed, the...
  6. M

    AiMesh maximum of 8 wired nodes?

    Does anybody know if there is a maximum of 8 wired nodes? I have a setup like this: Everything is wired, after numerous tests I am very confident the wiring itself is no factor. As you can see, the systems starts with an AC86U. This is connected to a (factory setup) Zyxel GS1900-24 switch...
  7. Master3395

    acsd hogging all cpu

    I have been trying to figure out why my AC88U is spiking on CPU almost all of the time. Turns out it's from the file below. I do not know how to stop it from stealing all the CPU. /usr/sbin/acsd
  8. L

    RT-ACC88U & Disconnects / Packet Loss

    Hi Everybody, on my home network I have now since 3 years an AC88U with RMerlin firmware (now 386.5_2), but since some time it is driving me crazy. It seems like after a certain time without being reset, the router starts to drop packets from my computer, at least this is what I wittness when...
  9. L

    AC88U USB Issue

    Hi Everybody, I have an Asus AC88U where I now run Merlin 386.4 and usually also most of the available scripts installed via amtm. Now I had it for the 3rd time that the routers behavior got quite odd and all the time it seems to be the usb stick, where the stick seems was damaged and I had to...
  10. japes

    GT-AX11000 not happy in Wireless router mode

    Bare with me, this is a journey. Hey all, I'm in Japan, and on a 1gbps line. About 8 months ago, I've had issues with packet loss and ping spikes while gaming on the wired connection, wireless was garbage too though. And over time it got worse and worse. Mostly at night, during busy times. I...
  11. C

    [AC88U] Reset / QoS Type / 2.4 WiFi Band Issue

    Hi guys, I recently upgraded my ac88u to the latest beta [386.4_beta2 > 386.4_beta3] and for some odd reason speeds are extremely slow? VM M500 UK. No issues at Virgin Media, BQM is healthy. The only thing I did was update to the latest beta and update spdMerlin and Diversion - now my speeds...
  12. S

    160mhz on AC3100 or AC86U?

    I'm looking into upgrading from my AC68U, and have an Intel 9260 with 160mhz support. I'd be satisfied with gigabit speed, since that's what my ISP caps it at, anyway. Instead of buying an expensive Wifi 6 model, I'm looking to save some money on a lower priced unit, or maybe even a used one...
  13. P

    AC88U Wifi performance issues

    Having issue with wireless performance. Works fine, everything updated, latest Merlin firmware. But sometimes wireless performance just tanks, should be normally getting 480Mbps when close to router, as this is my internet speed, but it drops to below 10Mbps with extremely high jitter...
  14. D

    Asus RT-AC3100 (AC88u) very hot. Any one have installed copper shim in it?

    Hi, My Asus RT-AC3100 (similar to AC88u) is very hot. If I dont use any method to cool it down, it will reach very high (ambient 34): Legend: 2.4 GHz - 5 GHz - CPU Current Temperatures: 50 °C - 55 °C - 75 °C I use a old server Delta 90mm 12v fan, (AUB0912VH) suck air out of the top. and temps...
  15. B

    RT-AC5300 RT-AC88U issues connecting PPTP VPN Server

    Hi all, There is an issue with connecting to a PPTP VPN Server, which is located in the router's network, starting with FW version 386.2_4 and UP. The last known working version is 386.2_2. We have tested with router models RT-AC5300 and RT-AC88U. On all versions PPTP VPN Passthrough is enabled...
  16. Master3395

    RT-AC88U - Losing Wifi connection

    Hello, I've used Asuswrt-Merlin for years now. In the last few updates I've been on my AC88U, the wifi has been quite unstable. With cable, it works fine. Wifi drops connection on both phones and laptops a lot. Are there any suggestions to what I can check to make sure it does not drop the...
  17. dCrypt

    IGMP Snooping in AiMesh node

    Hi, I am having problems with IPTV after a recent change in my setup (upgraded AiMesh node) and installed 386.1 firmware. I though there was a problem with the new firmware, but it is not. I've reverted the firmware to 384.19 and the problem persists. My old configuration, where IPTV worked...
  18. iceblue1980

    RT-AC88u: Failed to upload the firmware file transfer cancelled

    Hi guys, I just bought couple of broken RT-AC88u units from eBay and they seem to have same issue: when trying to update the firmware (tried stock and Merlin), I get this error at 98% completion: "Failed to upload the firmware. File Transfer Cancelled" I am an advanced repair enthusiast so...
  19. C

    AC88U 5Ghz issue

    Hi all, For the last few months, I've been having a strange issue with my AC88U which up to then had been performing with no issues at all for about 3 years. Some devices, not all, cannot seem to connect to the router on the 5Ghz band anymore. I normally have it on smart connect and these...
  20. stari4ek

    5GHz radio on AC88U is dead. "Replace" 5GHz radio with AP/AiMesh node?

    Hey, I'm looking for good advice here. It looks like 5GHz radio on my AC88U is dead. SSID is visible, but all devices fail to connect (galaxy note9, macbook, chromebook hp x2) to same 5GHz channel it worked before. Tried: switching to original Asus firmware from Merlin (with full reset) clean...