1. F

    portsLinkStaus=0 after ac88u update

    after ac88u update i have got this messages every 4 second Jun 17 23:21:40 kernel: portsLinkStaus=0 Jun 17 23:21:44 kernel: portsLinkStaus=0 Jun 17 23:21:48 kernel: portsLinkStaus=0 Jun 17 23:21:52 kernel: portsLinkStaus=0 Jun 17 23:21:56 kernel: portsLinkStaus=0 Jun 17...
  2. Cmd85

    Ac88u with lates merlin - Drops wifi, internet, cant connect to router

    Hello. So installed merlin yesterday and have had some issue forcing me to reboot the router a few times. First my Homey lost connection and I noticed that no 2.4ghz was connected, a reboot fixed this. The issue I had just now is that internet dropped via Wifi. I couldnt connect to the router...
  3. S

    BUG: Bonding/ Link aggregation = br0: received packet on vlan1 with own address as source address

    [Kit] Router: RT-AC88U Merlin v384.17 (Wifi is completely disabled) Bonding/ Link aggregation is enabled Port 1 and Port 2, PS4 and Nvidia Shield plugged directly into router Port 3 and Port 4. GS108Tv2: 8 Port Switch which connects to RT-AC88U via two port LAG (LACP) GS108PEv3: POE switch that...
  4. J

    Internet problems with ac88u last merlin

    Hello, I have internet problems with ac88u, wifi ac only have 192 mbps connection, and before i had 866mbps. The big problem came with whatsapp whatsapp video calls, I see and hear them but they don't see or hear me. I was looking for this error and only found nat deactivation and this solved...
  5. S

    Advice for new router

    I currently have an RT-N66U. My requirements are for a long range rooter - I have a rather large house to cover about 400 sq. meters (4300 sq. ft). I have basic (apart from the coverage range) requirements, such as streaming, browsing etc (i.e. no gaming). Going through various sites, I singled...
  6. L

    RT-AC88U Wireless dropping out

    Hi All, My RT-AC88U was recently upgraded to f\w: Since the upgrade wireless connectivity has been intermittently dropping out very 10 to 15 mins. Has anybody else experienced this? Are you able to suggest which firmware to use for stability? I am also using 2 x RT-AC68U with...
  7. pascalgeraeds

    AC88U bricked (stuck at Starting program at 0x00008000)

    My Asus AC88U is bricked, I was able to connect a serial cable to it and could log the boot sequence it is stuck at "Starting program at 0x00008000" It does allow upgrading firmware (original Asus, Merlin etc.) but it does not seem to pass this step. I can interupt the bootloader: CFE...
  8. T

    AC88U no 5Ghz

    Hello :) i picked up an used AC88U to replace my old ac66u. I've just installed merlin software and did a factory reset right after. But the 5ghz led lamp is not indicating anything. Also i have no 5GHZ client in device list. My oneplus 7t which is sitting next to the router should auto connect...
  9. H

    Aimesh with AC88U and AC86U

    Hello, First thanks for the great work on the Asuswrt-Merlin. Second I plan to use an AC88U running the latest 383.14.0 firmware with an AC86U that will also have 383.14.0. When it says that I need to factory default... Both need to be factory reset?? Or only the AC86U that i'm adding to the...
  10. ShagBark

    Restore Setting from RT-AC88U to RT-AX88U

    Been a lurker for a bit here and a Merlin user for about 6 months. Can I backup my settings on my old AC88U to restore on my new AX88U? Curious if anyone has any experience with this. I have a lot setting that I rather not have to redo manually unless I have to. Being they don't seem that much...
  11. I

    Asus AC88U loopback, Dnsmasq and Port Forwarding

    Hi everybody, and thanks in advance for your help. I have put a sensor in my mailbox, and I receive notifications when I got a mail (with HomeKit and IFTTT). But, I want to receive a picture from my outdoor camera when the mailbox is opened. So, I've found so local url that give me that...
  12. Teckygeek4009

    [DSL-AC88U] looking for DSL firmware.

    Hi all I had the RT-N66U for a long time and loved it. Never used Merlin before so please go easy on my. I recently decided to upgrade and as I like the asus routers I decided to get a DSL-AC88U as my upgrade. My question: Is or will there ever be a firmware for the DSL-AC88U?
  13. TanyaC

    Cannot access router admin page & some websites

    Two days ago I added a MAC address to my WiFi whitelist, everything was fine Today I go to log in to my router (An RT-AC88u on 384.7.2 IIRC), and I cannot access it. I can access the login page. After typing credentials, I get either a blank browser page, or a partial display of some of the...
  14. S

    Asus RT-AC88U with 384_9 firmware - reboot after IPSec vpn connection

    Hi all, need some help as i have some problems with IPSec VPN server and macos users connecting and using samba protocol to network drive. Router reboot with log [see attached] . PPTP server working from Windows client without any problems. Can`t use it as mac os does not have pptp. Any...
  15. R

    PS4 Lag Issues after installing asus AC88u

    Since installing the RT-AC88U from asus I have been having serious lag issues on the PS4. The only setting I have modified is the VPN client, so I can turn on when needed. The PS4 lags with the VPN client in the off position, so really no changes to the standard settings. Any ideas?
  16. W

    RT-AC88U sees all USB3 disks as USB 2

    I just purchased this router, before i return it, i was wondering if anyone had same issue. I am running Merlin firmware 384.9, and any and all USB disk/pen etc show up as USB 2. I read in other forums something in the 2.4 wireless settings to disable usb inteference. I cannot find that in the...
  17. C

    RT-AC88U Wireless funny

    Hi all, hope you are well I have a funny problem with my router, the 2.4ghz radio disables itself. Looking at the gui I see a half wifi icon and in a couple of menus it highlights that it's disabled and links to the professional menu for 2.4ghz where its showing as enabled. Strange eh!? I...
  18. M

    cannot connect to ac88u anymore no dhcp

    suddenly cannot connect to ac88u anymore no dhcp i rested the router using all the ways mini cfe,30 30 30, i rested the nvram still cannot connect unless i set the ip manually and it doesn't work all the time (only on first 5 minutes after boot) log in attachmenets
  19. N

    Asus RT-AC88U Upgraded to Merlin

    I have just upgraded my AC88U from Stock firmware (old one) to Merlin 384.8_2. I came across two issues. 1. Since right now I am using my 4G dongle as the only WAN connection so I am using my USB 2.0 port on the back for this purpose. With stock firmware, the internet light goes on whenever...
  20. J

    AIMesh Backhaul Through Ethernet and re-enable Tri-Band

    With the latest firmware update to the AC5300, the backhaul method is through the 5.2GHz channel and smart connect is now on dual band. I have an RT-AC5300 as my router for AIMesh and an AC88U as the node. The node is connected through ethernet and so I was wondering if I can move the 5300 back...