1. D

    Choosing between MoCa and OTA tv?

    Hi, I recently installed a home theater in my basement, the modem is upstairs and no way to run Ethernet without destroying all sorts of things. I have cable internet through a dedicated coaxial line, and for tv I use an OTA hd antenna connected to the rest of the houses' coaxial line...
  2. C

    How Many MoCA Bridges Do I Need When Using Own Equipment for FiOS Internet and TV?

    Hello Everyone, So we're getting FiOS with (nearly) gigabit internet, as well as TV and phone. I'm aware the Verizon router is locked down, and Verizon can see everything you do. They can even see what password you use for it. Of course, I want to use my own equipment. I know tech support will...
  3. K

    MoCA 2.0 Bonded reality check

    Hello SNB, I'm having a dilemma with my MoCA 2.0 network and I'm looking for a bit of guidance. The summary is that I am only getting MoCA 1.1 speed on my network. I have MoCA 2.0 Bonded adapters (Actiontec), so I believe there is a problem somewhere in my system. My hypothesis right now is...
  4. Julio Urquidi

    Actiontec Rolls Out Optim Wi-Fi Management Solution

    Service provider tech support usually stops at the managed broadband gateway, but Actiontec’s Optim management platform helps extend support so that customers can self-diagnose wireless problems, and let providers better troubleshoot wireless issues that were traditionally out of their reach...
  5. C

    ecb6200 MOCA Breaks Network, PLEASE HELP!

    I have Comcast Xfinity internet, and want to switch to my own equipment, but have been relying on the xfinity router/modem's built-in MOCA to get internet to my Tivo. I picked up 2 Actiontec ecb6200 adapters, hoping this would do the trick. (btw i am not using any other xfinity equipment, such...
  6. N

    General MoCA Information and Installation

    I am pretty good with MoCA and I think it's the most viable of the ethernet alternatives. I think there is some misinformation floating out there, so I made this video to help everyone out. Okay, I didn't make it, but I sure link to... Click Here
  7. E

    Unstable primary router - rock solid secondary router: please help

    Greetings: I recently setup a home network using two routers: one for a private network (with file sharing, print sharing, etc.) and the other for a guest network with no shares or access to the private network. The routers are tied together on different floors of a two story home using MoCA...
  8. S

    Help with MoCA setup. Two ECB6200s, only getting 95 Mbps.

    Looking for some help with my new MoCA setup. I'm trying to determine why I'm only getting 95 Mbps to my Amazon Fire TV. I tested using a Speedtest app. My internet is 200/15 so I should at least be able to max that out. From what I've read about others using the same adapters, my setup...
  9. ktiedt

    MoCa installation question

    We just moved into a new house and the owner kinda wired things a bit oddly, some rooms have RG6+HDMI extenders others have 2xRG6 + HDMI + 4 network plugs... For the most part this works ok for us, however we have a small rackmount setup that we had really hoped to leave in the garage. A friend...
  10. NaweG

    Does anyone sell a Moca 2.5 compliant adapter?

    Just finished moving most of my house from Powerline to MoCA to remove some issues related to having a smart meter (thanks lots power company) installed recently. The one system still on Powerline is on a different circuit and has been steady as a rock, while the MoCA is running equally steady...
  11. sfx2000

    [FYI] - QoS Mapping between 802.1q, HomePlugAV, MOCA, WMM

    Seems like there's been a few questions about how different platforms map out QoS - I'm placing this in the Routing Forum, as 802.1q and UPnP generally map out directly for VLAN/QoS tagging, but we see occasional questions with regards to HomePlugs, MOCA, and WMM as well, and how they all tie...
  12. saminmontreal

    Help with MoCa network (Actiontec Adapter and Wireless Extender)

    Hi wondering if anyone can help me. I have setup a wireless extender using the actiontec adapter. The MoCa Coax light on the adapter goes green for a while but then starts to go on and off dropping the network and internet connection also. When it works its not bad, but it stops ever 20...
  13. H

    cannot use 1GHz splitter for setting up moca network ?

    Optimum cable line enters into a Antronix 1GHz pre-amplifier, and then gets fed into Antronix 8-way splitter (1GHz). There are 8 coax cable lines going from the splitter into 8 different rooms in the house. In the basement, one cable line is hooked up to a TV box. The other line from the wall...
  14. B

    Connecting MoCA Adapter between incoming DSL connection and DSL Modem

    Hello forum, My new apartment is hard wired with coaxial cable. I would like to connect a MOCA adapter directly from the DSL line to the coaxial splitter, and then connect my modem/wireless router on the other end. I've keyed in a little diagram about how I am intending to do it. I have done a...
  15. C

    MoCA with cable modem - internet only

    Apologies if this is trivial, or has been discussed ad infinitum already. (I'm new here.) I have Comcast internet, which comes in by coax into an SB6141 modem, which then has an ethernet hookup to an Apple TimeCapsule. I don't use any other services (no TV, phone, etc.). I would like to use...