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  1. J

    Need help troubleshooting - problem started out of nowhere

    Hi I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction—I’m not sure what happened. I’ve been running Merlin 386.9 on my RT-AC86U since very shortly after the final version was released — my most stable experience in a long time!! No freezing. No lock files. No nothing. (Additionally, I run...
  2. AppleBag

    Can't stop ping?

    I dunno if this is Merlin specific, but I just tried doing a CTRL+C to stop a ping, and it doesn't stop it. I just did a simple: ping from within a terminal (I used Termius when it happened, so not sure whether it happens in other terminal software, but my assumption is yes). I...
  3. M

    Asus AX86U ping very high

    Hello everyone : I recently brough this router for gaming browser cs-play in Singapore server, but my router give me 350++ ping with LAN in my computer. So I tested out with my neighbor net as well their net give me ping below 50 ( wifi ) here is the net package different between me and my...
  4. R0tten

    ping request time-out over WAN

    I just spent 3 hours trying to figure out why my ping requests to my public IP address were timing out over WAN yet successful over LAN. Well..... I narrowed it down to the WAN - DMZ setting being configured! While it makes sense as explained in the description of this setting... I don't recall...
  5. T

    Baby ping spikes with XT8 router

    While investigating a packet loss issues (now resolved) it came to my attention that my XT8 quite frequently adds up to about 20ms to ping of the ISP gateway (using ethernet). This does not occur with another router, a Mikrotik Hap AC2. Originally I noticed this with the stock firmware, but I've...
  6. ToriGrace

    Ping Issues with new DSL-AX82U

    Ever since I changed routers from my ISP router to the Asus 82u my ping in games have gone from 30ms to spiking between 50 and 1200ms. It's really inconsistent. I understand with wireless they will be the odd spike but this is really really crazy spikes all the time. Are there wireless settings...
  7. M

    RT AX86U - Help me improving my latency please! Bufferbloat?

    Good afternoon! First of all i want to say sorry for my english because it isnt my native language. As the title says, I would like to ask your advice to improve the latency of my connection. I have decided to change the router + ONT HGU GPT-2541GNAC of my ISP (Movistar Spain) precisely...
  8. J

    Netgear router 50ms latency more than direct to modem.

    Recently I noticed an increase of about 50ms in ping to WAN addresses. Connected direct to a cable modem ping rates are normal for my geographic area. Going through the router, basic configuration, no Qos, etc., the latency is 50ms more. This just started happening. I have changed routers...
  9. F

    How to ping/telnet to the secondary WAN box?

    I'm using an XT8 in dual WAN mode with failover. From my LAN, I can easily ping or telnet to the modem on my primary WAN. How can I do the same to reach the modem on my secondary WAN, while it's in standby. I haven't tried it yet, but I suspect I won't be able to reach my primary WAN when I'm...
  10. R

    Allow pings from a single IP

    Hello, If ICMP (pings, etc.) is blocked in the firewall, it is possible to white list a single ip? ...using SSH or Telnet, the web interface only allows to enable all or none. Thank you
  11. przemekwawa

    ping device in Guest wifi with "Access Intranet" disabled

    Hi, I need to disable access to intranet for guest devices, but for one of them I need to have ability to ping it from LAN. I tried: ebtables -t filter -I FORWARD -p IPv4 -d GUEST_DEVICE_MAC --ip-proto icmp -j ACCEPT ebtables -t filter -I FORWARD -p IPv4 -s GUEST_DEVICE_MAC --ip-proto icmp -j...
  12. N

    How important is synchronization in TR-398 Long Term Stability testing

    There are some procedures to measure long term stability behavior in routers such us sending traffic or doing pings from a couple of stations, for example, every 2 minutes. These tests last about 24 hours, so I was wondering how relevant could be the delay that occurs for example in the ping...
  13. R

    Port forwarding inbound on XXXXX from RT AC66U to Windows 10

    I'm having a problem in getting port forwarding to work from my RT AC66U to my Windows 10 desktop over a wireless link. I've configured the desktop's wireless adapter address as and opened some inbound ports in Windows Defender/Firewall. I'm using a VPN. On the router I've set port...
  14. amplatfus

    Option to ping from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz printer using router cron

    Hi, Because my HP older printer is entering in sleep mode, I created 2 cron jobs: */1 * * * * wget -q -O - >/dev/null 2>&1 #hpweb# */1 * * * * ping -c 1 #hpping# But now it seems that in the mornings, I still have ping but only from the ssh. The printer is on...
  15. L

    Cannot Ping to/from any Android device

    SOLVED: I just figured out that Android OS will not respond to ICMP Echo when in Power Saving Mode. Keeping this here in case others run into this same issue
  16. S

    [RT-AX88U] Configuring the router in client mode

    I am trying to configure the router in client mode. I used the wl command to set the 5GHz interface (eth7 in this case) in client mode and connect to a Netgear RAX80 router. The commands are below: wl -i eth7 ap 0 wl -i eth7 scan wl -i eth7 scanresults //To see the NETGEAR SSID wl -i eth7 join...
  17. R

    Where is ping response coming from?

    I've got an ASUS RT-AC88U Router running ASUS-WRT Merlin 384.10, and I'm using port forwarding to put a device I'm developing on the Internet so script-kiddies can help me test my code. Today I turned off the device's ping response to see if that got less attention and was surprised to see that...
  18. Karl Perkins

    arping is unreliable for wireless clients?

    Hi, I've noticed that arping seems very unreliable for wireless clients. It's perfectly OK for wired clients, and 100% reliable. Anybody have any ideas? No clients connected to guest wifi, and I can't see any logical reason for it to behave like it does. Here is an example...
  19. R

    AC-5300 - No routing between 5G-1 and 5G-2

    Hi all It seems that devices on 5G-1 and 5G-2 cannot "see" each other. On Wireshark it seems some packets can't traverse from one 5G band to the other. Has anyone encountered this issue or got a fix? I suspect the same issue exists on other dual 5GHz routers too.
  20. macster2075

    Constant disconnects...

    Hi.. Ever since I flashed this firmware I have been having issues with a game called Apex Legends.... High ping, constant disconnects from the game servers If I switch to the ISP router, I have no issues at all. As soon as I switch back to Asus, immediate issues. But, I only have issues with...