1. R

    The USB modem reset issue during reboot.

    I use RT-AC66U-B1 with Merlin FW (384.8_2) and I need periodically (once per day) reboot my router and USB LTE modem connected to it. I done it by using an internal scheduler (Administration/System/Enable reboot scheduler). Even if modem will hanged up it is guarantee to return it to online next...
  2. S

    Tethering with android phone

    Hi guys, I am trying to use my spare phone as a 4G modem, but not succeeded. Basically, all I did is to set the router's WAN connection to USB phone, and turn USB tethering on in my android phone. Sometimes the connection worked for less than minutes after a reset, sometimes did not work at...
  3. B

    Mount a ext4 USB drive?

    I recently installed Merlin's ASUS WRT firmware, and wanted to install Skynet and Diversion. The Skynet developer recommends ext4, and Diversion requires it. Now, I can only get Skynet to recognize the USB drive and work with FAT32. As soon as I pop in a ext4 drive, the router's WebGUI says...
  4. sshanky

    RT-AC68U dual WAN showing "cold-standby" and didn't fail over

    I thought I set up my dual wan properly, but last night when the primary WAN went down, the router didn't fail over. On checking, I noticed it was reporting "cold-standby": 2018-12-27 10.15.54.png?dl=0 Here are the dual-wan settings...
  5. L

    The infamous USB 3.0 issue - OK on stock vs. NOT ok on Merlin

    EDIT 11th Dec: However, today I tried flashing older stock and Merlin firmwares, 3 versions of each type, all are 384 codebase. And I can now confirm that the issue is only on Merlin firmwares. There's this infamous issue of USB sticks plugged in USB 3.0 port that has been mentioned here many...
  6. crobs808

    Cannot Do USB to USB Backup on AC86U Like I Did With N66U?

    Hi everyone, I just replaced my N66U (running Merlin FW) with the better AC86U (running Asuswrt-Merlin 384.7_2), but I cannot find out how to do USB to USB backup like I had configured with the N66U router. Basically, I have 2x 4TB drives (one named "Primary" and one "Secondary") both hooked...
  7. G

    RT-AC68U USB3 not working

    Hi to all, I have RT-AC68U FW version 384.7_2. I updated it yesterday because I noticed that my USB3 was not detecting any USB drive. Before I was on FW version 384.5 and it was the same. With previous versions it was working with no problems and also in the beginning it was working with 384.5...
  8. I

    Advice for router with USB for small area with tethering

    Hello, Looking for suggestions on which router to buy for the following: - Does not need to be powerful in terms of range (small studio apartment) - Needs to support 2.4 and 5Ghz - Must have USB port(s) - Must support third party firmware (see next point) - Must support, either via factory...
  9. J

    EXT4 disk formatting options on the router

    Hi. Does anyone know how one can format a USB as ext4 with journaling disabled, from within the router's shell interface? When I've used the disk formatting options it seems to automatically use EXT2. Without getting onto a debate between ext2 vs ext4, does anyone know how ext4 without...
  10. XIII

    Entware: which USB stick performs well?

    This weekend @kvic posted a new tool to measure the performance of the USB stick in your router: Turns out my SanDisk Ultra Fit 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive is not performing too well: What USB...
  11. R

    Fixed Wireless LTE pfSense router

    I will be moving within the next month and a fixed LTE provider will be my best internet option. I will be using at&t since the have numerous towers in my area with multiple band options allowing me the ability to aggregate them. My question pertains to compatibility between three products for...
  12. dugaduga

    USB 3 device inacessible after factory default!

    I performed a factory default and the usb3 thumb drive will no longer mount. I can still access the partitions just fine from a linux distro. Interestingly, i can see the partitions when i mount the drive in the USB 2.0 port. 3.0 is inaccessible. Im using the latest...
  13. P

    fw 380.70 bugs & problems

    Loaded brand new Asus RT-AC66U_B1 with Merlin 380.70. It was empty, but I did reset it after flashing it. Then configured everything manually. I have other similar routers configured exactly the same. Most are also DoubleNAT-ted like this one. 1. For no reason at all, router keeps doing...
  14. M

    Mount LVM partition on AC68-U

    Is it possible? More particularly, it is LVM2 PV. If yes, how?
  15. W

    AC86U USB Drives not recognized & Time Machine not working

    I'm a novice at routers. I bought this router based upon reviews and the fact that they advertise that you can use if for Mac Time Machine backups. I've contact ASUS and while they are very nice - they're not at all helpful. They don't seem to grasp the nature of the problem. I have two...
  16. M

    Switching to SSD for decreasing power cosumption

    Does this have sense? I have problems which I believe are connected with insufficient power supply in my USB3 port. However I didn't found decent way to check it (to check whether it's power-related or not).
  17. B

    Can't connect to USB drive on AC3200 after upgrade to 384.3

    I use a USB drive connected to my ASUS AC3200 Router for my SBACKUP destination on ubuntu linux. It has been working successfully, but stopped connecting after upgrading to 384.3. The connect string in SBACKUP is: smb://[email protected]/backup/backups-user The error in SBACKUP is: Unable to...
  18. Adamm

    AC86U SMB Tweaking

    So I recently purchased a 2TB WD Elements HDD for the purpose network storage, I formatted this drive ext4. I noticed pretty fast that SMB default values give terrible wireless performance (LAN tests though are great at 100MB/s+ transfer rates). I decided to-do some tweaking and found some...
  19. K

    ASUS AC1750 B1 router /MAC B-Pro /WD elements USB drive SLEEP DISORDER

    Hi, I have an ASUS RT-AC1750 B1 router with recent ASUS firmware installed. I hooked up a WD Elements 4TB external hard drive to use as a network drive, which is formatted for Apple/Mac. It is plugged into the router's USB 3.0 port. Everything works fine except that the hard drive will not...
  20. D

    USB WiFi Dongle on Asus RT-AC68U

    Hi! Has anyone tried installed a USB WiFi Dongle on Asus RT-AC68U? I want to install a dedicated radio that will uplink to my main access point. Thanks!