AC-86U Wireless Radios Fried?

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Found this forum while looking for possible solutions and so far none have worked. Less than 24 hours ago my router seemed to brick itself rather hard. I went to check on it and saw that the power light would flash on occasion but the router itself was otherwise entirely unresponsive. After a few phone searches and a quick WPS button + Power reset later, I was able to get the router back up and running well enough to talk to it with my laptop and an Ethernet Cable. Since then I've been on a bit of a crash course in Router diagnostics but have so far been entirely unable to figure out why my antenna's are unable to be powered.

Steps attempted:
1) verified firmware on the router was the newest available from Asus (it was)
2) attempt to power the antennas using the "wifi" button (single press, long press - both nothing)
3) login ( to my router and check the professional wireless settings to see if the radio's were reading "enabled" (they were)
4) Install Merlin Firmware (386.3_2) hoping for better diagnostics / visibility.
5) Repeat steps 2 and 3
6) Follow various suggestions from various posts on this forum as to possibly fix my antenna issues (changing channel bandwidths) to no avail

Additional information:
When I try to run anything in "Wi-Fi Radar" from the Merlin Firmware it get a whole lot of nothing (i.e. antennas are off so this makes sense)
Under "Administration -> Temperature" settings - when looking at the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz signal sieetings they both show "Disabled"
Under "System Log -> Wireless Log" both my 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels show their mode as "AP" which decoms to "associated" and "Powersave Mode"

Any advice about how to proceed from here would be HUGELY appreciated. While wireless isn't a necessity to live (I can work remote on the working ENET) it is certainly a really nice thing to have (so without any info about possible fixes I'll likely be looking to buy a new router in 48 hours or so). My only last ditch effort is to leave the router OFF overnight hoping the 'ol extended "try turning it off and on again" may fix the problem

Thanks for the time!


joe scian

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Buy a new router is my advice


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This was indeed the conclusion I was reaching - more or less just looking for confirmation. Now to start the "what router is right for me" dance all over again.


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issue with radio for AC86U is common and the main reason to change router.

the best choice will be AX86U - this one have the best opinions about reliability, wi-fi signal etc.

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