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No Wireless Backhaul Option - Two Asus GT-AC2900 Mesh

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Is it possible to setup a Wireless Backhaul Mesh network on GT-AC2900 ?

I am able setup a Mesh with two GT-AC2900 only via Ethernet Backhaul

Backhaul Connection Priority: 1G WAN only is Available - I can not click the drop down menu to change it to Auto

Even when adding the node to the mesh I tried to set the node via wireless and the master did detected the node but could not apply the mesh setting due to some error. Consequently, I was forced to connect via Ethernet to add the note to the mesh.
1. Go to Web GUI-> AiMesh -> System Settings
Turn off Ethernet Backhaul Mode

2. I knew I needed to turn on WPS for set-up. (switch frequency to 5ghz first, then turn on wps)

3. I always turn WPS off after setting up the nodes as it is a huge security risk.

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