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AC68U And Ubuntu 14.05 Wake On Wan

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New Around Here

I need a little help,i have an Asus RTAC68U and Ubuntu 14.05 in my pc

I have dual boot,for my pc with Windows 10 no problem to Wake up it out of my local network but when i start Ubuntu it not appears as conected in Aicloud and when the pc is off i can not Wake it up in my local network neither out

Do you know why?

With the Asus Web,i can wake up it with ubuntu in local network from Lan Reactivation


As you can see in the photo with pc on it does not appear as On in Aicloud application


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I dont know if it can help, but during my problem with making working WOW, I see somewhere that private IP WAN and DDNS could limited some things like AIcloud....

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