AC88U Wi-Fi radios spontaneously turned off

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New Around Here
About half an hour ago, both the 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz radios on on AC88U just turned themselves off. The router itself seemed fine otherwise (wired connections continued to work). I was on my computer when it happened and everything else was fine. There was no power outage, etc.

I tried rebooting, and they stayed off. I then noticed there was a firmware update (386.2_2 from 386.2) and tried applying that, but still no change.

I then manually went into the Wireless -> Professional menu and manually turned both radios on and now everything seems to be fine. Is there any way to troubleshoot what happened and, more importantly, could this be an indication of a hardware issue?


New Around Here
And never mind. I just watched the security camera footage from right before it cut out and my dog was bumping his nose against the front of the router. He must have just accidentally pushed the physical WiFi button. :)

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