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Accessing NAS Remotely

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Sven Golly

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I have an ASUS RT-AC56R running Merlin LTS firmware powering our home network. I have a USB drive hooked up which is visible on my home network (after much tearing out of hair).

So my question (as a noob) is: what's the best way to access the NAS remotely from outside the home network. My network place (SAMBA) is currently set as SMBv1 & SMBv2. I think I had to leave SMBv1 in place because of a legacy system on the home network. I might be able to make it SMBv2 only. What else do I need for remote access?

SIDE NOTE - I subscribe to Surfshark VPN. Not sure if that enters into this picture or not.


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Enable and use the OpenVPN server on the router for all your remote access needs.

If you also use the OpenVPN client on the router at the same time, it's best to use the VPN Director for managing access to that client by WLAN/LAN devices. This removes the router itself from the OpenVPN client, thus making the OpenVPN server accessible over the WAN.


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P.S. This question would probably been better asked in the Merlin forum. If your "NAS" is really just a USB drive attached to the router, it's not really a true NAS. At least NOT in the Synology sense of a NAS. Your issues are much more router-centric than NAS-centric.


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Curious what is Merlin LTS firmware?

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