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Adding AX86u Pro to Current AC86u - best way for improved wifi?

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New Around Here
Forgive the basic questions
I currently have AC86u as my main router in home office downstairs (converted garage)
WiFi generally fine in house except in kitchen (opposite end of house, same floor) and master bedroom - above kitchen
I've been using a TPLink set to same SSID upstairs as an access point

I have the router connected to a network switch from which there is Cat5 to another switch in the loft from which there are wired drops to each bedroom (did it on a whim when we bought the home)

I'm thinking of buying an AX86u Pro and using the AC86u upstairs as AIMesh
I see terms like "ethernet backhaul" without really knowing what it means

Would it be better for me to reset the AC86, put it near the AX86u to Mesh them and then put it upstairs as a WiFi Mesh
OR shall I do this (sync the 2) plug the AC86 into the wired ethernet port in the upstairs room - this is then a wired access point right (similar to what the TPLink was doing) but because I "meshed" them is this what wired backhauling means?

Would appreciate demystifying the terminology to help improve WiFi in house (with single SSID thorough house- well okay 2, 1 for 2.4 5 gig)

Finally is there any way I can transfer my settings from the AC86 to the AX86 (i set up fixed IPs for various pieces of kit such as CCTV), some port forward etc
Or do I need to redo all this manually?

Many thanks
The connection between an AiMesh router and node is called backhaul. Asus can do WiFi or Ethernet backhaul or both, Ethernet is better (that is what I use). Connect from a router LAN port to the node WAN port and set up the AiMesh. However, if any of your switches are managed it may not work unless you can set up a VLAN. Set up the node with Ethernet connection near the router then move it to its desired location. Should work.
AS for the settings, take screen shots of the AC86U settings and be prepared to manually configure the AX86U Pro.

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