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Asus GT-AXE16000 With Asus AX11000 as Aimesh

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New Around Here
Hello Everyone

I just placed the order for a Asus GT-AXE16000. Upgrading from my 3 year old Asus GT AX11000. I have been using Merlin Firmware on my AX11000 for a long time now and planning to use merlin firmware on the new AXE16000 once it arrives.

Couple of questions:

is the GT-AXE1600 a pretty noticeable upgrade to the AX11000?

I have a pretty large home and signals struggle to get to the back yard sometimes. Is there any drawbacks of using my old AX11000 as an Aimesh node while keeping the AXE16000 as main router if both are using the Merlin latest firmware?

Thanks Guys
They work fine, no issue at all. But you better sell 11000 then buy cheap 2 or 3 nodes with that money.
I got the older gt ax11000 and not the 11000 pro. I can probably get 150$ for that older one so I would probably just keep it. I only need one node for my home to get full signal everywhere I think
Coverage-wise you won't see any major improvements. But it matters a lot what country you're living (regulations) and channels.
In some parts of the world (like Europe) some channels can use more power. Ex. channel 100 vs channel 64 in Europe will provide more coverage, but it's subject to DFS.
AX11000 should do just fine as node. Especially if you can wire it. Even wireless it will improve the coverage, but at some expense of the speed on the channel used as backhaul.

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