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Aimesh wired node via AP-Client

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Hi all,

I'm trying to improve my aimesh network between 2 houses 30 meters apart.
As the routers are behind walls, the uplink between the 2 houses is instable.

The throughput it's not really important here, i just need a more stable connection in the 2nd house.
Also the house construction is old and setting up an wired link between them would be a nightmare.

I'm trying to add a pair of CPE210 (2.4G) wired on both sides to improve the connection.

The client side would connect directly to the house 2 node.
The AP preferably (for easy cabling) connected to the node on the main house, or the main router.
I could use the router in the second house as an AP, and that might be my only option, but i would like to keep it as part of the aimesh system with private and guest networks.

I've tried this new setup but the node (house 2) always connects using 5G backhaul. I even tried to disable the node's radio 2.4 and 5G and it can't connect.
I've also tried setting up the CPE210 AP as repeater and bridge, and despite the CPE client connects without any issues, the node still can't connect with ethernet backaul.

At this point i'm guessing aimesh devices can only be connected to other aimesh devices or with a switch in the middle.
Is this possible?
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noah way

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My setup connects routers in buildings 150' apart with dual band hi-gain antennas (1 on each router) at 48dBm and >200 Mbps/5Ghz. The antennas are from https://www.data-alliance.net/, they have a great selection of quality stuff. I'm running the indoor version, but they have a weatherproof one for all of $20.

Looking at your diagram you may want to try eliminating the second router in the house. Placement and antennas can solve many problems.

I don’t bother with mesh. My 2nd router runs as an AP.


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The secondary router (AC1900U) is temporary, once the connection is stable it will be removed.
I don't have much wiggle room on the main router placement as i would have to mess with the ISP and fiber cabling. It has "LOS" to the 2nd house. It's a corridor from one end of the house to the other, just 2 big simple glass doors (not double panel/glazing glass or any glass treatment).
I haven't tried different router placements in the 2nd house, atm against the wall closest to the main house. Moving it further away from the wall might help.

I'm considering upgrading the antenna. Can you suggest a good one, please?
Data alliance have this 7/9dbi that i probably find the same brand/model from a EU seller.
Or a directional antenna might suit better, i don't know.

Is there any preferable antenna to upgrade? I'm using the typical W, probably the middle one since both routers are roughly at the same horizontal height.

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