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RT-AC87U AiMesh via ethernet backhaul

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New Around Here
Hi All,

I think I already know that the answer to my question is a 'No', though thought I'd ask, to be sure:

I have an old AC-87U, that I am aware cannot be added as a node in AiMesh (to my AX-86S), due to the 5ghz antenna used. However, is there any workaround of setting it up via ethernet backhaul, as I have cabling setup and it would be a useful addition in boosting signal across my house.


Welcome to the forums @BAM.

The RT-AC87U doesn't support AiMesh mode.

But, you can use it in AP mode. It won't propagate the Guest Network 1 though like AiMesh can.
Thanks @L&LD, for the swift response.

I'll look for a compatible router first, to test out AiMesh, keeping this one as a back up, for AP mode.


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