Aquantia AQC10x firmware update

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I bricked my aquantia aqc111c 5g lan with 88 firmware can anybody help me and send me the files or manual what i must do please and thanks

- download .84 firmware that TheLostSwede posted in this tread
- Download DIAG.EXE package from Dell (its package with this exe utility inside)
- Use DIAG.EXE to restore your backup file
- Use .84 firmware updater


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Made the mistake of flashing 88 and it re-bricked my OWC.

There is a way to re-flash the backup using the DIAG.EXE from the Dell firmware from a while back. I'll have to play around with it later today.

edit: that method no longer works. Need to wait on Aquantia. :(

edit #2: Turns out DIAG.EXE will still work if you turn off Win 10's driver signing. I was able to flash back to 84. If you're comfortable turning off driver signing and playing with the command line, I can get you the files and instructions, provided you have the backup file from your logs directory.

Thanks a looooooot for providing the method of diag.exe.
I just saved my adaptor.

The adaptor is QNAP QNA-T310G1S (Thunderbolt3 to 10Gbe SFP+, working at Thunderbolt3 40Gb/s, and PCI-E 3.0 x2 lane to AQC100S, made by QNAP),
and it dead after updating firmware to 3.1.90 with the tool provided on (linked from QNAP website).

The update was successful, and the device can be detected by Windows or Mac OS X properly, also shows a link speed of 10Gbps, but doesn't have any data flow incoming to OS.

After downgrading to 3.1.84, the adaptor works fine.

Then I update it again to 3.1.90, it doesn't work again.
And I downgraded it to 3.1.84, and it works fine again...

So this is absolutely a firmware problem.

# How to downgrade your AQC100 AQC 107 AQC111 or Thunderbolt 10Gbe Adaptor with Aquantia chips firmware? #


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I'd suggest you guys that are having problems, get in touch with Aquantia support, they're quite helpful and should be aware of the issues.


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Looks like the "fun" is over, the Aquantia website is no more and now redirects to the Marvell website, which doesn't seem to contain any user accessible drivers.

Edit: I would seem I spoke too soon, the old driver download link forwards to where drivers are still available.
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Why did they stop posting firmware downloads?, is 90 still the latest? I only have up to atlflashupdate_1.2.1_3.1.89


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Most likely due to some people having issues, as well as being bought out my Marvell, who I guess doesn't give a rats ass about consumers.
.90 here

Thanks, a few months ago I had issues with the NIC dropping packets under high load thus requiring to disable then re-enabling the device to get it working again, not sure if it was the FW updates or driver that finally resolved it.


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Marvell AQtion Firmware Updater Utility 1.5.0_3.1.100
Marvell AQtion Windows Driver 2.1.19
Marvell AQtion Linux driver
Was able to successfully update both my Sonnet 10g PCIe card and my OWC TB3 adapter. No bricks this round.

(I did have a look at the updatedata.xml beforehand and compared it to previous good updates for me and it looked good for my pci ids)


I am fully updated, FW and Driver, but my upload speeds are severely limited. I have a 10Gig link between my desktop and my NAS. Gigabit service from Verizon Fios. My upload speeds peak at .5 to .6 Mbps. My local copies from my machine to my NAS are also severely limited, upload speeds to the NAS are limited to about 100KB/s. If I switch out to the a 1Gig NIC, everything works as expected. Anyone else experiencing any issues?
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