Asus GT-AX11000 DHCP Server

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New Around Here
Has anyone here experienced the GT-AX11000 issuing out IP addresses in random order? I have some DHCP addresses from all the way to but I only have 25 clients or devices.


Part of the Furniture
This is intentional and by design.

Dnsmasq is designed to choose IP addresses for DHCP clients using a hash of the client's MAC address. This normally allows a client's address to remain stable long-term, even if the client sometimes allows its DHCP lease to expire. In this default mode IP addresses are distributed pseudo-randomly over the entire available address range. There are sometimes circumstances (typically server deployment) where it is more convenient to have IP addresses allocated sequentially, starting from the lowest available address, and setting this flag enables this mode. Note that in the sequential mode, clients which allow a lease to expire are much more likely to move IP address; for this reason it should not be generally used.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
One benefit of semi-random is it greatly increases the chances of a device always being allocated the same IP address. In sequential mode, whichever client connects first will get the first available IP, so if the connection order changes, so will your IPs.

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