Asus gt-ax11000 low download high upload


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Hello everyone! In need help I am running 2 asus rog rapture gt-ax11000 on aimesh. I just switched to fiber.

Before I had cable internet and my speed test where 600 mbps download 28 mbps upload (caped).

So once I switched to the new fiber guaranteed 900 mbps download 700 mbps download I am only getting 180 mbps download and 700 mbps upload on wifi.

I have verified that I am getting what I am paying for.

I did disable QOS and did an internet test using the asus app and I am getting 900 down 700 up but doing a speed test in my phone I keep getting this low 170 down 700 up.

It's almost like the download is being caped. When I do speed test it wants to climb high but it stops at 300 mbps and then drops to 190mbps.

I have being back and forth with asus and they still don't know what's going on.

Anyone please help!


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Maybe a long shot, but with QoS on do you possibly have the upload and download numbers reversed?


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You said you had it on before but disabled it right? I don't have your model router, but look for the QoS tab and after turning it on, look for the boxes where you enter the upload and download speeds of your connection. Set them to 90-95% of your connection.


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Ty so much for your help I will try is as soon as I can and let you know. Was also thinking of factory reseting both of them this weekend and see what happens.

Thank you again


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So I enable QOS and filled in the boxes and my internet connection and wifi are even lower. Using the speed test under QOS I was getting 900 download 700 upload now after enabling QOS I am getting 500 down 600 up and doing a test on my phone got 140 mbps download 575 mbps upload.
As you can see something is very weird about this.


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Update! I factory reset my gt-ax11000 and started a brand new network and the same results low download fast upload so then I factory reset my other gt-ax11000 (node) to factory reset and started a brand new network.

Same results. I am so frustrated.
Asus told me if problem persist to RMA the router. Hahahah I just told them do I need to RMA both of my gt-ax11000s.
If they say yes I am going laugh at their face. I just don't get it even having my phone literally touching the wifi attena I get 180mbps download and 700 mbps upload. Just makes no sense.

Please If anyone has the answers please let me know.

Thank you


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Try running some iperf tests between the phone and a computer wired to the router. You can download "Magic iPerf" in the phone and download and decompress iPerf3 on the computer.
On the computer open a cmd windows, go to the installation folder and run iperf3 -s (server mode). On the phone use these options on Magic iPerf: -c <ip of the PC> -t 60 -P 10. Then do a reverse test using these options on the phone: -c <ip of the PC> -t 60 -P 10 -R. These tests will tell you the wi-fi speed that you can get from the phone to the router on each direction

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