Asus router and port powered external HDD


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I need something to host my 500GB photos, some music, keep a quick backup of files and games, and once in a while play a 4k video from it. In theory an external HDD would do all these. (I think I do not want a NAS atm :) )

I like the idea of having an external HDD powered via USB, but I saw warnings about not having separate power for HDD. I know they are not full 3.0 USB ports, but it should be enough for a 2.5 HDD.

Does anyone have this kind of setup working?

I have an RT-AC66U B1 and intend on buying a USB 3.0 2.5 WD Elements SE 4TB.



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USB powered hub to avoid any weird behavior or the WD element in 3,5 format with builtin power supply
I prefer the last option on my own devices but nothing wrong with a (good) powered USB hub


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I have an RT-AC66U B1 and intend on buying a USB 3.0 2.5 WD Elements SE 4TB.

If you value your data - don't do it, use your router as a router. USB file share in Asuswrt is for very light use only. With increased load your router will become unstable. Slow and unreliable solution. Powered USB hub won't help you. It may not work at all, actually.


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I used a USB2 external drive enclosure, powered, with a 1 TB drive in an AC66U_B1 for a couple of years. However, I also had a USB2 thumb drive in the router with a swap file. Worked OK for storing pictures and videos but was slow.
Spend a few bucks for a Rasberry Pi 3b+ or better and make a good NAS with it.
You will be much happier!

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